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Wilderlife – Debut EP out now! Tour!

Wilderlife – „Lightning Strike“ EP
Finally out today: Debut EP of this promising new alternative-rock outfit from northern Germany!

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Wilderlife on Tour
19.10.2019 DE-Oldenburg, UmbauBar w/ Hi! Spencer
24.10.2019 DE-Bochum, Trompete w/ Hi! Spencer
25.10.2019 DE-Münster, Gleis22 w/ Hi! Spencer
11.12.2019 DE-Oberhausen, Druckluft w/ Abramowicz
12.12.2019 DE-Berlin, Monarch
19.12.2019 DE-Hannover, Lux w/ Abramowicz
20.12.2019 DE-Potsdam, Waschhaus w/ Abramowicz
28.12.2019 DE-Hamburg, Freundlich & Kompetent

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